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Below the Belt Guys are Always ready for Action

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Below the Belt guys are not typical… they are distinguished, alluring, mysterious and confident. The type of man who is always prepared. The MacGyver, the Bond and the Bourne. Lets think about that for a moment. Imagine Bond, 007, running into a seedy gas station and buying glow in the dark condoms for his unexpected romp. Seems unlikely, and it is unlikely that you’re that man either. You are the man who knows what will happen and is prepared, as always, with style.

Below The Belt is the condom choice of masculine, refined men. Our condoms come to you monthly in style. A Below The Belt man does not run into a gas station. They know that once a moment is broken, it may not come back. They are prepared… You are prepared, and in control of where things go. At Below The Belt, we want to help you to become the type of guy that women desire and lust after. Not only do you get the best condom with ultra thin technology but your condoms won't fall out every time due to smart packaging.

Below The Belt Man are  Dripping with Sex appeal, style and confidence.


Below The Belt Condoms Premium Ultra Thing 12 Pack